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Use Page Actions- An underutilized Pardot Feature

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Use Page Actions- An underutilized Pardot Feature

Page Actions is an important yet underutilized feature of Pardot. Page Actions are set up on any URL on your website. As a marketer you will surely have a couple pages on your website on which you will want to pay more attention, or you will want to know when someone looks at those pages. An example of such pages can be the pricing page or a demo request page, there might be other pages which might have equal importance to you. Hence you can create page actions for them.

When you go to the Page Actions Page in Pardot, you will be required to provide URL of the page. Firstly you get an option to add score for visiting this page, you can mention any number of points to add to the score and this is in addition to the scoring parameters defined.

Secondly you get an option to make this page your priority page. You just have to tick mark the checkbox and this becomes your priority page among all page actions. But you are curious to know that how does this help. This will allow you to filter the prospect activities for the priority pages. Hence you don’t have to scroll down to see all the activities on the prospect’s page to search for those which matter to you most.

And finally you get to add a completion action to the Page. There are several automated completion actions you can choose from like adding the prospect to a list, or tagging them, notifying a user, or assigned user of the prospect etc. This also provides you an opportunity to automate the engagement with the visitor of the page. Lets say someone visited your Demo page and you want to send an email to this prospect you can create a completion action “Salesforce Task” and the assigned user can have a personalized follow-up email template which can be sent from the user’s email ID to all such prospects.

These completion actions will work only on the identified prospects and not on the anonymous visitors.

So now what’s the difference in page actions and completion actions for a form. When a prospect fills out a form you have same level of automation options available but what if a prospect visits back the page again after a month. You will again want to engage with him with new level of interest. So page actions help you take your engagement journey to next level.

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