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Cloud Services

Cloud Services : Shift to cloud and secure business for future

In the age of disruption, cloud is the foundation for digital agility, changing the way we live and work, enabling us to do more with less, and accelerating the pace of human innovation.Proso AI helps you harness the cloud to create delightful experiences, open new avenues of collaboration, and optimize your value chain to generate profit and growth.

Our Cloud Offerings

Leverage Power of Cloud
for becoming a nimble organization

Modernize your Infrastructure
Explore machine learning services that fit your business needs, and learn how to get started.
Modernize your applications
Uncover latent insights from all your content— documents, images and media.
Become an Agile organization
Deliver breakthrough experiences in your apps with Cognitive Services and Bot Service.

Bring Agility to Your Business

With the Power of Cloud Computation


Cloud Infrastruture
Building models to increase your revenue

Proso AI’s portfolio of Infrastructure services offers unique approach to Infrastructure Services connecting solutions, services and suppliers to implement integrated solutions across the IT supply chain. Proso AI is the one partner that puts it all together so you can boldly accelerate your transformation journey—confidently.

Cloud Applications
Software in the Cloud

Accelerate your journey to the cloud by choosing, deploying, and integrating the right Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions as part of your organization’s cloud-first approach.SaaS offers a pay-as-you-go model for software, with anytime, anywhere access from any device. SaaS solutions are an ideal replacement for high-value, low-complexity applications hosted on premise.

Develop on cloud
Cloud-Native: A Revolution in IT

Transforming your capability to develop software by leveraging micro-service architecture, agile and Business Driven Development (BDD), DevOps, containerization, and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).


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