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Use of bots to automate lead generation.

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Use of bots to automate lead generation.



Marketing team actively look for solutions and ways to optimize customer experience and boost lead generation online.  This is where bots come to play. Bots are knowingly used for completing task which are repetitive by nature and needs automation without the interference from humans which improves the sales funnel. Bots has become the famous tool in enhancing lead generation and improving the customer experience by engaging with the prospects present on the websites or social media. With ability to provide personalized responses bots have significantly eliminated the need for dedicated human resources, thus saving money for the company.

What are lead generation bots?

Lead generation bots are basically built on AI and machine learning uses a conversational approach to collect customer information, guide customers in the buying process or qualify leads. It is an efficient tool which help in building relation with customers and prospects and engage with them 24/7. Bots ensures that you never miss a lead by assisting your website visitors outside of business hours.

Types of bots for lead generation-


Chatbot is an artificial intelligence program that can make conversation with a human in a natural language. Chatbots are designed to stimulate conversation with customers Many businesses have been forced to change and depend on digital assets and operations because of global pandemic and restrictions placed on business. Chatbots can save you both money and time freeing up you to handle your business. chatbots are here to slow downtime for you by increasing the productivity. They are an idle resource for help desk and customer service department with a smaller staff. AI chatbots are never troubled by answering the same questions repeatedly. Chatbots can also understand a client tone of voice and are sensible towards their moods and reaction. Chatbots reduces customers wait time and get them where they want to be quicker. Chatbots are also a chance for company’s support staff to focus on higher- value activities rather than the routine tasks. Chatbots with AI powers makes your bot capable and intelligent to answer complex queries.

Web Scraping Bots

A web scraping bot is a program that will automatically scrape a website for data, based on our requirements. It is a data extraction technic that allows you to retrieve the HTML of a webpage. Web scraper bots can sometimes download all the content on a website in a matter of seconds. The data collected after the scraping is analyzed for further use. Company can use these bots to collect information about prospects for their business on the Internet along with their personal details.

Text- Reading Bots    

Gartner predicts that by 2023, 25% of the customer interactions will be via voice. These bots are used to search and analyzed texts according to a particular keyword and keywords density. It converts text to natural sounding speech using NLP processing. These bots can be used by company for searching the trending words available on internet specific to their product or service and then use it to robust growth and sales.

Social Bots

A social bot is a source that communicates autonomously on social media usually with the task of influencing the opinions of followers or to follow others. These are automated accounts that is used to steer discussions and promote ideas or product on social media. A company can take advantage from the large availability of audience to influence customers or follow customers according to the need.

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