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Use Dynamic Content for Personalized Email Experience

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Use Dynamic Content for Personalized Email Experience

As a marketer, your goal is to constantly improve engagement metrics like Users opening the Emails, Click through rate to the website or Landing Pages, conversion rates for Forms and Landing Pages. And to achieve this goal, marketers need to evolve in their strategies, modify their content, personalize their text on emails. But how about if you have a tool which allows you to have dynamic content, that is different for different audience.

Salesforce Pardot Dynamic Content allows you to create different images and content on your emails and landing pages for different prospects depending on a criteria that you can decide. You can align the content according to the buyer personas and buyer behaviors and increase the overall effectiveness of your email campaign. You can access the Dynamic content from Content Tab. You can decide the default content for when no variations match. Variations are based on a single field value. So in case you have complex criteria’s to segment the prospects, you can always create a custom field and further use automation rules to derive values to be used in your Dynamic Content. You can add up to 25 variations for each Dynamic Content, which is sufficient in most cases.

An example use case for dynamic content can be sending autoresponder emails depending on the area of interest selected in the form submitted by them.

Once you have configured the Dynamic Content, you can copy the embed code and paste it into your email templates. This will allow you to send personalized emails to your prospects. All you need to do is understand your buyer personas and then you can get creative in your personalized messaging to make them move quickly through your pipeline.

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