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Testing Emails in Salesforce Pardot

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Testing Emails in Salesforce Pardot

You have Pardot, a very powerful tool at your disposal for your marketing requirements. You can use it for sending mass emails in one click, you can change the prospect grading and scoring criteria’s in bulk with the help of automation rules, you can assign multiple leads through a single automation rule, send notifications to the assigned users etc. Hence comes the need that these actions must be first tested on a smaller list to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness.

Create Email Test Lists

Create an email test list to test your emails before you send these emails to your prospects list. These are special lists that lets you test email to the prospects created from your users. Pardot rewrites links and populates variable tags in emails sent to test lists, so your users can see exactly what your prospects see. To create the test list you can click Marketing > Segmentation > Lists + Add list. Name your list ‘Internal Test’ or some other name that is easy for reference later.

Second step is to create the prospects for all email IDs that you would want to use for testing purposes. Go to Prospects >Prospects List + Add Prospect. Once you’ve created the prospect, click on ‘Lists’ in the prospect navigation bar, select your ‘Internal Test List’ from the dropdown menu and click ‘Save lists.’

Each test list can have up to 100 records. When you click the unsubscribe link in your test email or update your subscription preferences, you aren’t unsubscribed and your preferences aren’t updated. Completion actions don’t run on emails sent to tests lists. Emails sent to test lists are tracked. Pardot records email opens and clicks.

Test the Email

Once your Internal Test list is created you can select this test list in the testing Tab of your emails.

As you receive a successful test in your inbox, you can copy your sent live test and convert it to a list email. To do this, go to Marketing > Emails > Sent emails > find your live test and use the action cog to copy your test email. Update your email name, recipients list, and delivery date for your intended email blast.

Test Test Test

So when you are not sure just test. Like email testing you can also test the automation rule actions . Since these are irreversible actions, you can always chose to test your rule to a smaller selected list by keeping the criteria’s to select your test prospects first and see if the actions applied were as desired.

Satisfied with the test results, you can take the big leap now!

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