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Data Cleansing- An important step towards achieving Targets

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Data Cleansing- An important step towards achieving Targets

Over the period, your orgs might get filled with bad data, duplicate records, unused components, unused fields, or confusing information. And this is natural as companies focus on their products and user experience and data management takes a back seat. But overtime any company will realize that having clean data can them long way in achieving their targets and improving customer experience.

If you have reached that stage and realized the importance of data management, begin with the cleaning work, and start tidying up your org. In this post I am going to talk about a few ways I have discovered over the years of my experience to help Clean your Data.

Folders, Reports and Dashboards– Salesforce reporting system is easy to use and if everyone in the organization has access to reports, finding the relevant reports can become a task. Here are some tips to keep the reports and folders clean.

  1. Use standard naming conventions for folders and reports.
  2. Allow access to public folders to the Report Masters in the organization.
  3. Allow access of folders to only relevant departments.
  4. Keep the reports used in a Dashboard in a separate folder.
  5. Keep removing the obsolete reports when you switch to the updated ones.

Fields, Field Types & Page Layouts– Keep a check on fields which stay mostly blank for all records or are unused. And Page Layouts should only have relevant fields.

Duplicates & Bad Data– Even if you try hard, you might end up with Duplicate Data in your org as the system is used by multiple departments. You can prevent this by keeping the duplicate check on so that, you get triggers while entring duplicate data. There are easy reports for duplicate records in salesforce, which may be extracted and duplicate records can be acted upon. Educating the team about following data quality steps can go a long way in preventing duplicates in system.

And then comes the most important work, to maintain clean data as it is a journey and not a destination. Establish a process to maintain the data, educate your teams on regular basis to follow the process and reward them for adhering to data quality guidelines.

Not only does clean data instil trust and confidence in teams, but it empowers them to be more productive, meet business goals, and build stronger relationships with customers and achieve their targets.

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