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Case Study

Automating Prospects into Leads using Salesforce Pardot

Automating Prospects into Leads
using Salesforce Pardot


The key priority of the programme was to provide efficient and effective automated Prospects to Lead Management System to the Client.

Sumita Malhotra

Pardot Specialist- Proso AI
Our Client, a technology solution provider asked us to look at supporting them with an automated mechanism of Lead Management, Lead Volumes. The programme relied on the effective use of Pardot, therefore we did a full data audit, review of the current set-up, process and lead management practices as well as a communications strategy.


Our solution

Pardot had been used to push all messages to all prospects- there had been no segmentation to date.
Working with the Marketing Head, we defined the segmentation model and updated both Salesforce and Pardot to have the appropriate fields to enable segmented prospects and hence the segmented communication.
Pardot profiling and scoring system was unutilized and was eventually effecting the knowledge of prospect
To ensure a regular run-rate of activity and the progression of prospects to MQLs status the Grading and Scoring of Prospects was configured in Pardot.
Pardot Automation system to push Prospects to Salesforce was not in place.
To ensure the automated process for Marketing Qualification of Leads, automation rules were set basis the Grading and Scoring of Prospects. Through workshops, training and skills sharing, the Client Team quickly grasped the fundamentals and applied the knowledge, so they identify qualified Leads.


The Client has fully automated prospects to Lead Management CRM application. Both business development and sales are leveraging Salesforce to increase the opportunities funnel.

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