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Using Pardot Campaigns to track Prospect’s First Touch Point

Using Pardot Campaigns to track Prospect’s First Touch Point for effective Social Media Marketing


Pardot Campaigns are thematic touchpoints similar to source. Pardot Campaigns are used to track prospect’s first touch and each prospect is associated with only one Pardot Campaign.

Sumita Malhotra

Pardot Specialist-Proso AI
Our Client, a tech company, was looking for a method to track their marketing ROI so that they can find areas to invest further for marketing budget. The programme relied on tracking each prospect’s first touch point via Pardot Campaigns.
Client Tech Company
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Our solution

The Client was not using Pardot Campaigns, instead all campaigns were run in Salesforce and synced to Pardot.
Pardot Campaigns were implemented to track the prospect's first touch points.
The Client was posting Social Media Ads and Sign up forms on Platform but were not tracking them through Pardot.
We placed social media platform connectors to connect Pardot with Social Sites. The Ads were posted on Social Media directly via Pardot. Prospects were tracked and sign ups came to Pardot automatically.
Demand for evaluating marketing performance of campaigns and return on investment
Pardot Campaigns Budget and One to One Prospect Campaign Tracking enabled the ROI reports for each campaign.


The Client has enjoyed considerable success in efficient use of Marketing resources.

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