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Oracle ERP Cloud for Mid-Size Firms


Oracle ERP Cloud for Mid-Size Firms


The primary objective was to transform the finance department and set management controls for the mid-size organization. The organization’s turnover was around USD 50 Million and was on the fast track growth path.

Ravinder Kulsari

Pardot Specialist- Proso AI

The client has gone into restructuring and needed to move into a reliable ERP solution to implement a strong management control and reporting system.

User Story

Our solution

Ability to automate the purchase order issuance process
Approvals were configured for the issuance of purchase orders based on the PO amount. Approval can be done via email or by logging into the application.
Ability to set-up invoice payment controls
3-way matching and invoice approvals were configured to ensure the correctness of the invoice payment amount. Client was able to reduce its invoice expenses by 5% after implementing the system driven controls.
Ability to generate real-time reporting
Oracle financial reports were built for the client to meet the reporting requirements. Client was able to generate real-time reports to view the project profitability.


The Client automated its finance process by implementing Oracle Financials, Procurement and Inventory management system. It generates real-time reports using Oracle Financial reporters. Client took 4.5 months for the Oracle cloud implementation.

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