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Add Cost to Pardot Campaigns to track Marketing Influence

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Add Cost to Pardot Campaigns to track Marketing Influence

A marketer will want to measure the success of his marketing campaigns to know how marketing is performing overall, which channel brings the most new prospects, which marketing material is most impactful and finally to know how to align their marketing budget. Similar is the case with Pardot marketing. Hence to arrive at this goal comes our Pardot Tip.

Pardot Campaign’s Cost

When you create a new Pardot Campaign it shows you a field for inputting cost. You must input your Campaign budget. This figure is important as it helps the Pardot Automation to calculate Cost per Prospect, Cost per Opportunity, and ROI% of the Pardot Campaign. You can always edit this figure later so you can definitely input the estimated budget in beginning.

How this automated reporting works in Pardot?

To understand the automated Pardot reporting we must first understand the Pardot campaigns. The Pardot campaigns allow you to track how your prospects made an initial contact with you, either they have responded to an email, filled a form or a landing page associated with a campaign i.e. their first touch. And prospects can only have one Pardot campaign associated with them i.e. they have 1:1 relationship with campaigns. You can change the Pardot Campaign associated with a prospect but at any given point a prospect will be associated with only one Pardot Campaign. And this is how Pardot arrives at the Cost per Prospect.

The other part of this automation is integration of prospects with Salesforce Opportunities. When these prospects are associated with salesforce opportunities via the Opportunity Contact Roles and these opportunities are closed as won, Pardot automation updates the Pardot reporting with ROI. And here is the result, an automated Campaign Performance Report.

Each circle represents a Campaign- Bigger and redder the circle is, higher is the value of Campaign.


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