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Power Virtual Agents

You must have heard about virtual agents, those little bots that virtually provide customer service. But, have you heard of Power Virtual agents! These are new from Microsoft and what makes them powerful is that they are easy to use and beyond customer service. You can use them for HR, sales, marketing or any possible domain and virtually on any platform where you want to engage customers, on the web, skype, facebook, Power Apps, Microsoft Teams, you name it and you can make power virtual agent for that. They are super easy to build too. They do not require coding nor AI expertise. But if you want code you can always do that. So, you can go as deep as you like. And because they are already integrated with Microsoft Power platform, you can use hundreds of pre-build connectors. You can increase your virtual agent’s capability using Power Automate. They get powerfully smart and learn everyday using AI as they interact and engage.

Power Virtual agents are used to create intelligent chat bots using no-code interface to interact with data in common data services. You can create and manage chat bots directly from power apps. Chat bots are basically an IM type service where anyone can ask questions that are promptly responded to by an automated service. The idea is that by automating the process of providing responses, the person doesn’t have to wait to get connected to a “live” support person (which can sometimes take a long time) just to get answers to basic questions. Also, there are times when the same types of questions are asked repeatedly, often by the same person! This can also be addressed by a chat bot. If you work with customers or employees who typically ask questions that have standard responses, you can quickly set up a chat bot using the Q&A Maker service to automate the process of answering questions. Hence it minimizes the IT effort required to deploy them. And the best part is you are making your own employees develop these bots who have full knowledge on topic or product.

Using Power Virtual Agents, you can empower your teams, reduce cost and improve Customer satisfaction. As examples you can develop bot for automating lead generation on real time basis, for handling employee system related issues, for new employee onboarding, for providing your customers their orders related information and several other processes within and outside your organization.

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